Drivers license

As a minimum students are required to complete the following

Drivers license car

Ordinary package

  • Theory lessons
    Min. 29 lessons of 45 minutes
    (Normal price: 3.500 kr.)

  • Closed track
    4 lessons of 45 minutes on manoeuvre track
    (Normal price: 2.580 kr.)

  • Slippery track
    4 lessons of 45 minutes on a closed slippery track
    (Normal price: 3.240 kr.)

  • Practical
    16 lessons of 45 minutes on road with the driving instructor
    (Normal price: 7.920 kr.)

13.999 kr.


  • Health certificate (approx. 600 kr.)
  • Passport picture (approx. 120 kr.)
  • Traffic related firstaid (750 kr.)
  • Transport authority fee (1.000 kr.)
  • Adm. fee (200 kr.)
  • Possibly extra driving lessons of 45 min.
    (Weekdays: 495 kr.)
    (Saturday/Sunday: 540 kr.)
  • Adm fee for booking of extra exam, if not passed on first trial (200 kr.)
  • Online theory and tests for 4 months (400 kr.)

Before signing up for the exam

  1. All theory lessons must be completed
  2. Most of the practical lessons must be completed (slippery track can be done after the exam + last 2 practical lessons)
  3. Application of license approved by Borgerservice
  4. Payment for the Exam is made


  • Application of license
  • Lesson plan
  • Yellow card (personal number card)
  • Passport
  • Residence permit

Theoretical Studies

Theory classes are mandatory for beginners. Theory classes are held once a week on a pacific day.

Duration of the class varies between 3 to 4×45 min depending on the lesson.

Theoretical studies is with instructor present in the classroom, where ground knowledge in traffic situation and scenarios are explained and different laws and regulations are learned.

Group discussion and sample tests makes the learning process more interesting.

Finally we prepare for the final exam by taking a bunch of practice theory tests.

Theoretical Exam

  • Theory exam is paper based format.
  • The exam contains 25 pictures.
  • Each picture includes major question / information about specific traffic situation including 2-4 multiple choice answers.
  • 20 pictures must answered correctly in order for the exam to be passed otherwise exam has to be retaken.
  • Duration of exam is app. 25-30 minutes.
  • The result is given right after the exam.

Practical Lessons

Practical lessons are mandetory and can be done in both car with manual or automatic gear transmission.

The course starts with practical training on Closed Area (Maneuvering Path) which is closed space where students become familiar with different practical skills that will later be used in practical lessons on the road: Setting off from the carb, stopping, forward and revers driving, turning, parking etc. All the exercises are done with low speed.

Lessons on the road take part on the different kinds of roads and meeting points can be arranged with instructor.

Students also practice within the area where the driving test may takes place –so that they become familiar with the area of testing.

The best place to take practical test is the area that you have been practicing at.

General information

Practical exam is divided into two parts:

a) Technical part where technical conditions are checked.

b) Practical driving where examiner examens student’s behaviour in traffic.

  • Duration of practical driving is up to 50 min. Examiner evaluates student’s driving knowledge and skills.
  • During the the exam examiner can request a student to perform any part of curriculum: right turn, left turn, lane change, driving in roundabout, highway, 3-point turn, parking etc.
  • The Examiner will also evaluate student’s response to traffic signs, speed limits, orientation, positioning on the road, duties etc.
  • Immediately after test the evaluation is given: Passed or failed.

Practical exam

The purpose with driving exam is for the examiner to judge whether the student have acquired knowledge and skills, as well as behavior that is the required and which is condition for obtaining a driving license.

Practical exam must be completed at latest 18 months after the theory exam is passed

Temporary license

Once the practical exam is passed temporary license is issued.

This license is given while the Citizen service is producing a real license in the form of a card.

Temporary license can be used in Denmark as well as other Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands).

Any questions?

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